Apps and Driving don’t Mix

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Texting while driving has been a major cause of accidents over the years. According to, “In the Age of Distracted Driving 1.3 million people were injured in car crashes in the U.S. in 2014. Of these, 431,000 were injured due to distracted driving, i.e., driving while your attention is on something else. The ubiquity of smart phones adds to the potential for distraction. AT&T released a study last year estimating that nearly 4 in 10 smart phone users interact with social media while driving”. With the increase of mobile users, smart phones and social media apps the statistics are climbing constantly to alarming figures, especially among young drives.

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While we acclimatized to the enforced  speed limits here in Trinidad and Tobago, we must keep abreast of the trends and features of new technologies and services which may encourage divers to “mash the x” as we say locally and accelerate well over the limits.

Parents need  to be aware of features such as the Snapchat app feature called “The Miles Per Hour Filter“. While Snapchat’s brief existence has been marked with dubious developments, there is perhaps nothing more dubious than its creation of the miles per hour filter. Introduced along with a product update in 2013, the miles per hour filter overlays a real-time measurement of the speed the user is traveling on photos and videos.

Subsequent updates have added new emojis for chatting and trophies for collecting. Users can win trophies for interacting with the app in various ways, including sending images using filters. In this way, Snapchat has embedded more incentives into its interface. It’s become more of a game.

A new lawsuit was filed against the social media application Snapchat. The case involves a high-speed car crash, selfies, and the public health risk embedded in this inherently dangerous app (read the full article at ).

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