When most people are asked what they remembered about vacation camps, they said: "Fun Activities", "Life Changing", "Great Friendships" etc.

As camp organizers with over 20 years experience and involvement in various types of vacation camps for Kids, we have seen the growth and development of our campers, as they become positive contributing young people in society. We know of the benefits of vacation camps. However, recent research by the American Camp Association (ACA) have also confirms and highlights some of these benefits, such as:

  • Kids learn more about themselves

  • They learn to make new friends

  • They become more independent

  • Kids try new things and develop new skills in a safe environment

  • They develop leadership qualities and team spirit

  • They learn earn how to express themselves


At Camp kids develop Holistically. The whole person in nurtured.

They also create joy filled moments they will remember for the rest of their life.

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Morning Camp Sessions

Your Kids won't argue with you about A Computer based Vacation program with their friends. In fact, they're going to like it. Our vacation learning activities are presented in a style that is both fun and effective. Animated, interactive lessons feel more like video games than learning exercises to the kids.

The Wizz Kidz Vacation class takes the school-year curriculum and continues it on through the vacation so that your kids can retain what they've learned, catch up on what they haven’t, and get ahead for next year. They also learn more about Digital Technologies and how to use them safely and responsibly

We focus on building a strong foundation in Reading and Mathematics, since these areas that determine a child’s success throughout the rest of their lives.


Kindergarten children learning how to use computers.

Afternoon Camp Sessions

Let's Unplug! Even though kids love technology, kids aren't allowed to use any personal electronic devices in our evening sessions....Kids need to be kids as well.

They need to be active and creative without technology. This allows the kids to strengthen and develop their physical motor skills. They also learn how to balance their life and eat healthy to reduce stress and promote their over all while being.

The participate in Fun activities such as: yoga, aerobics, cooking, sports, dancing, story telling, drawing, arts and crafts.

Your kids develop their Mind, Body and Soul.


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