Can Girls have IT Careers?

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This was a question I was recently asked while promoting Digital Literacy for kids as a base to get into the top IT careers of the Future.

The person went on to justify the question from relating some real life experiences they had in the past, where according to them, the IT industry is male dominated and females cannot break through the glass ceiling set by society.

My response to the question is meet Neeala Maharaj-Racha.

Neeala Maharaj-Racha, Developer and Platform Lead at Microsoft, has worked as a software architect and engineer for the over 20 years. In her current role she facilitates programs that drive IT Professionals towards competing at a global level with the use of technology while also helping to stimulate growth of the local software economy by encouraging entrepreneurship.  Neeala supports the development of highly innovative and competitive solutions across academic and professional audiences.


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