How DigITal are you?

You can run but you can not hide. IT is an integral part of our everyday life. In a digITal world we all need digITal Literacy. With


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DigITal Student!



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There is  an apparent increase of technology misuse in society, specially with  social media and mobile devices, among youths with . Even more frightening children are left with tablets, Smart phones and Smart TVs are sometimes times not sufficiently supervised by an adult. Most grandparents are clueless to what their grand Kids are doing on their digITal devices.

ICT Expertz is the first to bring quality British Qualifications to Trinidad and Tobago with the NCC Education Digi programme.

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With an overwhelming number of websites and apps on the market, older adults and other inexperienced Internet users have great difficulty discovering sites that are most desirable to them. They also struggle with using them to their full potential, and waste time with unnecessarily long learning curves. As a consequence, older adults are often left isolated from their families, friends, and the rest of the society. They are also missing out on the opportunity of adopting technologies that can reduce social isolation, save money, encourage lifelong learning, and strengthen the
growing aging-in-place movement.

ITinTT has partnered with is a free educational website that teaches older adults and others with limited computer skills how to use the most popular and trusted websites on the Internet. They currently offer over 60 free courses packed with video and article tutorials that are customized for the inexperienced technology user by making them both relevant and in a language they understand.

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